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What's the meaning of “turun darah"? thanks!

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    In Indonesian language, there is a phrase "naik darah", means "get angry".
    Perhaps somebody is trying to make the antonim of "naik darah" by changing the word "naik" which literally means "up" in english become "turun" which literally means "down", but this is wrong, because there is no phrase as "turun darah" in Indonesian.

    about blood pressure.. :)

    wew.. 很难回答 .. 呵呵呵..
    kalimat lengkap'nya apa dulu tuch ??
    kalau naik darah artinya : menjadi marah.
    mungkin kalau memang ditanya antonim'nya mungkin ya artinya "be patient" hehehe...

    "Turun" means down and "darah" means blood, but the phrase "turun darah" seems strange for me.

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