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How can I remember English words quickly and easily?

I often spend much time memorizing English words.I would like to get some method of memorizing words.

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And I also want to kown how to recite words and articles.

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    Remember, you need a word to create an expression..... what does that mean? It means, everytime you want to say something, or write something, the most appropriate words should immediately pop up in your mind......

    So, now that you know the meaning of the word, you should USE it to make different sentences or expressions. It is extremely important...

    Use this new word, to write as many sentences as you can imagine. These must be meaningful sentences that express some thoughts or ideas or opinions or anything.....

    I often see students only write the word 50 times or 100 times on a piece of paper. Yes it is good.... you can remember the word by 'force.'.... but, the problem is... in the right place, at the right time, for the right expression.... this new word may not come to your mind.....

    Instead, if you use the word in small sentences, then whenever such an expression comes to your mind, you WILL remember the 'new' word too.. Because, now you remember this word not as an isolated entity... but, as a part of an expression.

    Hope this little suggestion helps!!
    I think, most of the foreign teachers of English will recommend the same as well....

    I am still confused about this thing either. It is really a big deal to me.

    I practice vocabulary using this free computer program:

    да здравствуют ассоциации)

    well, from my personal experience and observation, I can suggest a few things which you may try.....

    1. when you find a new word, you should write it down in a special Vocabulary Notebook.

    2. Don't immediately rush to open your dictionary... ok? Try to guess the meaning of this new word in the context of the sentence... I mean the sentence in which you found the word. Try to use all the clues that you may find even from the preceding and following sentences (if you are reading a paragraph). This little guess work is very important, because the new word is getting imprinted in your brain. And you are actually allowing the time for your brain to do that.

    3. Often, you may not decide what the actual meaning is by sheer guesswork.

    4. Good! after spending a few minutes in guessing.... now open your Dictionary and look up the word there.

    5. Often, you will be excited to see that you guessed it 'right'... WOW.... it will give you great confidence. Otherwise, you can try to remember the correct meaning of this word.

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    I use just these two ways, I find it the most effective.
    1. Read english books, articles in the internet, listen to some podcasts, movies or sitcoms. Start with some easier ones (e.g. Harry Potter is simple), gradually choose some more difficult. Don't look up every word, that would be boring and demotivating. This will broaden your passive vocabulary and the words will be subconciously remembered in the right context. This also gives you the "feeling" for the right words in a certain situation and gives you the ability to use the grammar fast and correct.
    2. Use some spaced repetition software (anki, mnemosyne or supermemo). Some are also available for mobile devices so you can learn new words everywhere. Search for this method in the internet, I have the best experiences with it.

    Here is my experience: Do not follow too theoretical methods, but practice, so do not spend a week without doing a thing in English (Note: Participating in italki is already a major step, and if you're shy you can do not write on the site but in a paper, but remains reader)

    Try this and you'll see the results:
    1 - write short paragraphs in English about things in your head (do not worry about errors, they will not be repeated over time)
    2-Listen to short presentations, take notes or record or use the CDRom, then REPEAT even with mistakes at first. For example, try it with this:
    Presentation of the weather for one day
    Presentation of a cooking recipe
    Explanation of an art (drawing, decorating, etc.)

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