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who could help to write an English resume?

I want to write a resume. but don't know how to write and need which skill. And I don't know what is need to show; what is better to drop.which one could help?

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    Hi Cindy,

    An English resume needs 4 basic parts:
    1. Contact information
    2. Employment history
    3. Education
    4. Special skills (languages spoke, computer programs you are proficient in, etc.)

    For employment history, you'll want to list the jobs relevant to the position you are applying to. The format I follow is listing the employer name, location, the position I held, and the dates I worked there. Underneath this information, I usually list 3-5 bullets that describe what my job entailed. Keep it short and simple, but highlight any accomplishments or challenges that you overcame. Make yourself look as amazing as possible :)

    For education, list your university/other school, the dates you went there and the degree you received. Also, you can list any academic honors here.

    Special skills is a catch-all category. I am a web designer so my special skills category lists the variety of computer programs I know. It's important to list these items because many companies require special skill sets to be part of the job. Look at the job description requirements and see what skills the employer is looking for. If you have these skills, add them to this category.

    You can also add any professional awards or honors you've received (if any) and can make a new category for these items. An awards category is not required, however.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Hi everyone,
    i saw the question, went to prepare the answer and came back, i found out that Srgause has put a very helpful advices. Thank you SRGAUSE.
    CINDY, tell us about your field, so we can help you more.

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