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do you believe the media?

i dont believe it

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    Well, for me, I laugh at how media is trying to deceive us by their fake news and illusions. Guys just remember that MEDIA=POLITICS. media is serving the politicians who use it to turn audiences into puppets and order them what to think and how to live. do i sound pessimistic?? ha!

    If I was in China like you, no I wouldn't.

    not always ,
    it depends on the source ,
    media people are just employees , that want to please the network owner , and keep their jobs , so the ideas of the channel are controlled .

    if the owner is a racist or is against certain group or person ,
    then (his) channel will use any method , to force the people to take his point of view , even if they hide the truth.

    a good example is most of the american news network , they are putting the americans in a bubble , showing them false news and hiding other , so they can make the story that they want.


    I don't believe any media source is completely unbiased and credible. Always take what you're told with a grain of salt, and learn to read between the lines. And get other opinions of course. :)

    in order to have objective info you have to listen to all sources! ^__^

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