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    你很菜=you are a rookie




    Normally you can translate it into English: " it sucks" , If it is from friends chat, it is sort of joke, don't care so much.


    here "菜" does not mean a dish or vegetables or greens
    when i am not good at doing some thing or i am elementary/primary,i may say "我很菜",and why i say these words?
    because i want to get help from some one who is skillful in that domain. at the case of some one said "你很菜",that may mean you can do better,and sometimes just kidding words .but it also have some unfrendly way of use,depends on the language situation.

    and i wish the words above may helpful to you!

    你很菜=you are not very good at it【肯定是这个意思,相信我没错的】

    你很菜=you are fresh fish.

    this mean "bad","your an expertise or interest Not proficient"

    It means you are such a ROOKIE on sth..

    it means you are a fresh man,just a joke

    haha, it means 'you suck', I guess they were just joking with you.


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