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When a chinese says that my chinese is good and i answer 哪里哪里,they tend to laugh.Whats so funny?

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Thanks all people to answer.Now i understand i bit more about chinese customs

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    your expression is right. i have no idea why he or she tends to laugh.
    besides, it is a modest or humble way of response.
    just ignore them.

    哪里哪里是表示谦虚的说法, 那是书本上的比较老套的说法,在平时说话中还是很少用的。so when a foreigner say the word normally they don't use ,it will be funny.

    the laugh means they praise you modest and that you learn Chinese well.

    your answer is correct, but we usually say "thnks" for reply now

    your answer is right.for a foreign people can speak so native chinese is what she or he can they laugh for it . it can explain a form they applause you.Go go!

    because they were so amazed for what you said.........the laugh might = how come your chinese is so good?!so,it's a 'benevolent smile'(善意的微笑).

    that's not laugh,just means he or she appreciate ur chinese,caus he though u say a very standard language

    there is a short funny story about a foreigner and the word"哪里哪里",I think they must be think about that.but dont be puzzled,your expression is right.

    em..the story is:有个外国人参加一对年轻夫妇的婚礼,在婚礼上这位外国人赞美新娘:你真美。新娘谦虚地说:哪里哪里。外国人一听,以为她是在问自己什么地方美,where=哪里,于是回答道:哪里都美。
    that's all.
    Your answer is right. Lol


    Salud! frank, no te he visto en mucho tiempo. ¿Está en casa ahora?

    只是因为他们觉得一个外国人说这么地道的(“哪里哪里” is an extremely idiomatic&cultural-specific expression)中国话觉得非常可爱。你这样说一点错都没有。把这种笑当成鼓励吧,虽然他们也许口头上没有表达出来(We Chinese tend not to be vocal with encouragement but believe me their laughing at you says exactly "wow we're impressed")。

    Agree with xiangxiang & Zenobia's answer.
    That's absolutely NOT deride you.
    It means your chinese is very good to out of their imagine.You know,Chinese is no easy for foreigners.I think you may the best they can see.
    So,take it easy.

    I cannot remember when I said 哪里哪里 responding to any kind of praise. Maybe I've never used this expression in a real conversation. I'm not sure really. If ever, I should have been making fun of myself when I said that.

    Maybe you can hear it from a drama, or read it in a book, even in a real situation you can still hear people say that, but I just can't encourage you to use 哪里哪里 often untill you are able to tell nuance between that and other common responses to a praise.

    ps. Why not? If it can make people laugh. And of course you are not afraid of being laughed at in your language learning, right?

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