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Is it important to respect the religious beliefs of others? Explain.


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    I don't think it's just important.. it's vital ! It's how you build human relationships, if you don't respect other's beliefs (any kind of beliefs) you are disrespecting the whole being... and don't get me started in how religious intolerance have caused suffering over the years, until now... =s

    yes, it is important to respect ideas, feelings and beliefs of everyone.
    It is just a matter of respect and it is the base of every human relationship.
    In my opinion everyone is free to think and say what s/he wants but this doesn't give anyone the right to bother the others with a behavior which aim is to decrease the freedom of other persons and discriminate their points of view.
    we lived in a tolerant society before the my country there is, Muslims and Christians, Sabians and others how we lived so long together if there is no mutual respect

    Yes,respecting the others' beliefs is very important. our religious beliefs is the way to worship God, it has nothing to do with how to treat each other.
    i'm not concerned if the one i deal with is Muslim or not, what i'm concerned with is his or her manners in dealing with me.

    .Sorry Im a native speaker my mistake!

    Respect is just basic. If you want to be with someone and build specail relationship with him, you will think religious beliefs is important to you when you will talk with him, work with him, even live with him in the same world.

    hi ,professor ,i think respect is the premise for anybody to communicate with others ,no matter who u talk to or ,friends or strangers ,it's just the most important .Everybody want and should be respected by people around him .In other words ,religion which is a part of some people should be valued and respected .you have to watch out for ur words and behaviour .Actually ,i have a Senegalese friend who visited me last weekend ,i know Most people in Senegal believe in Islam in which eating pork is not allowaed ,so i asked him and that's true ,he does't eat it daily .So i told my dad and mom not to prepare pork on the table .i think religion belief is a part of culture ,we everybody should respect the cultural diversity ,so religion belief should be respected incredibly !

    @Jennifer ,why u havent get points to this one ? i have given thumps up to u , hope professor B also choose ur answer as best answer.Jennifer you can either give me minus here or i m answering next one put minuses there ,waiting for you buddy
    i don't think that i do have the right to rethink about it..!
    the respect by itself is important in human relationships, that's the 1st thing we learn &it is the basic of all religions, to respect is the hall point of them.
    respect our self our truth obligate us to respect others believes. we should be in 1st respectful till we can have a healthy life, u can imagine otherwise how much dangerous.

    sure , because i want others to respect my religion and beliefs ,
    i should respect their beliefs also , even if i don't agree with them.

    Hello! Of course it is important to respect the religios beliefs of others, because when we do so, the others will respect our religios beliefs and this will make real friendships between people who have different religios beliefs,in addition that respecting the others' beliefs is one of the greatest ways to live happily in this life, because there will be no problems with other people, and I also think that respecting the others' religios beliefs is a great part of respecting the person himself! So if I wanted to be valued and respected, I must respect the others' religion..
    The Islamic point agrees with this case!

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