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Have you been to Beijing? and what's your impression of Beijing?

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    I've also been to Beijing twice. I found Beijing to be impressive. The best thing I liked about it is everything seemed orderly and organized. Compared to some other places I've been to, Beijing can be definitely called 'clean'.

    It also has a appearance of a city that is trying to bridge the gap between the 'East' and the 'West', as I could see ancient monuments and culture, and the latest technological advances marching hand in hand.

    Beijing is a showcase for a newly emergent and powerful China and a triumph of its willpower!

    I've been to Beijing twice. My impressions were that it was dirty and noisy, and I had the feeling that the Communist Party was practically omnipresent. I still enjoyed my visits, but there is something about Beijing, and especially with respect to the OTT security presence, that makes me feel uneasy.

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