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how can i learn a good language ? can anybody provide me tips ?

For learning: German
Base language: Chinese (Taiwanese)
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    Ni hao Emily ,

    Here some tips :
    - The pronunciation is important to start with .You learn it through lessons and lots of
    listening to the language .
    - The grammar and sentence structure is very important and as you are learning german ,
    it is not very simple and requires lots of practice and understanding to specific
    regulations .
    - You try to read and listen a lot to music for example , watch movies , look up new words
    all to improve your speech and increase your vocabulary .
    - Try to speak with people when you learn the basics and are able to make a simple
    conversation and ask for new words and expressions.
    - Using the online lessons is possible ,chatting with native speakers online could help aslo.
    Lots of fun :)

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