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Is there any common name for sausage in spanish?

I wonder what is the commom name for sausage? When it doesn't matter what kind or type of sausage it is:
chorizo, embuchado, embutido, longaniza ?

Thank you

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James thx - and what is the diff between salchicha and salchicho'n ? if there is any...?

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Thanks a lot to everybody!

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    I'd use the word "salchicha".

    Yes, the generic name is "embutido"
    and sausages are "salchichas"

    "Salchichón" is a kind of sausage which is similar to salami (i.e. dried cured/spiced sausage), whereas "salchicha" is the general term for a sausage.

    > Yes, the generic name is "embutido" and sausages are "salchichas"

    That doesn't make sense.

    Look, salchicha is the tradicional, is thin, the salchichon is prepared with different meats than sausage and thicker in proportion

    As Lore said, the generic name used in Spanish to refer not only sausages but other similar products is "embutido". Yeah, as James said, perhaps it does not make sense but it's the convention. In Mexico, for example, all supermarkets have an "embutidos" department where you can get all kind of "salchichas", "chorizos", "salchichón", etc. You'll never find a "salchichas" department. Did I made my point?

    Kind regards!

    salchichas are called vienesas in some places as well


    IrvingHunk, in this case, then, I think there is a problem because in English there is no equivalent word for "embutido". The English translation of both "embutido" and "salchicha" is sausage, but "sausage" does not adequately convey the full meaning of "embutido". What complicates matters is that in the English-speaking world sausages often come in totally different forms than in the Spanish-speaking world, and this can give additional problems when attempting to translate from one language to the other.

    I learned "salchicha"

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