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What does ‘gumba’ mean in Italian?

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    mmm "gumba" doesn't exist.

    Maybe you've hard about "cumpà" pronunced with a very long "a" like "cumpàààà".
    In this case it was meant to mean "compare" = mate/fellow (have a look here for some more meanings: but the pronunciation of the word has been modified in the neapolitan dialect and it is now known as "cumpà".

    Nowadays young people can use "cumpa" (without an accent in the pronunciation of the A and also not emphasizing the lenght of it) to indicate their friends/team of friends - please notice that in this case we don't talk about "il cumpà" but about "la cumpa" "la mia cumpa" = all of my friends.

    "ué cumpà!" it's absolutely slang and used mainly in the south but we barely never use this phrase, it can happen once in a while joking or kidding.

    I suppose you mean "gamba".
    Singular: gamba=leg
    Plural: gambe=legs


    I've only been in the north of Italy, and never heard this. Urbandictionary turned up a couple of definitions, but I've learnt not to trust that site. ;) Where did you find this?

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