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How do you say 'bitch' in italian?

my friend said it is ‘bonjero’ is it? if not what is?

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    As you might be aware, in Italian, "j" (i-lunga) is not a regular Italian alphabet. Thus, unless it is a foreign word, "bonjero" would not make good sense in terms of a vocabulary in Italian.

    Additionally, the posed question seems to be quite gender-biased in nowadays community, unless you are solely concerned with expressing a strong despise towards a particular person in female gender.

    Based on the suggestions given so far, I would say that "stronza" ("stronzo" for male) is a good choice, because it can be applied to both genders (by solely changing the ending).

    "puttana" is somehow related to other roman languages in terms of its appearance -- "pute" (en français), and "puta" (en español, em português).

    "troia" is from "scrofa", which means "la femmina del maiale", whereas "cagna" has a meaning of "la femmina del cane".

    Anyway, although we have the right to know whatever knowledge, I personally suggest that you would refrain from using such terms unless you were in very exceptional circumstances.

    Good day. / Buona giornata.

    the right translation is "cagna" that means "she dog" but in the figurative translation you can say "troia" o "puttana" these are two bad words...if you want to say iy in a more polite way you can say "donna facile" but it's not used a lot in the spoken language.

    I quote Sony.
    Even if "prostituta" is the less unpolite word in this case.
    Stronza or puttana

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