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How true do you think these statements about fat, stupid, shallow Americans are?

I actually like States, so I'm not dissing you guys, just asking.

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Oh, I forgot, and where do they come from in your opinion?

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@srgause Well, it's well-known fact a lot of people think about Americans like that. And I'm sure if you'd ask people where are more fat people in UK or US, they'd definitely say in US, though the percent is about the same in these two countries, so..

Well, I'm not trying to be offensive, I said I was of a good opinion about you.

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@Scott Fields That's why I do not state this, because I'm not of that opinion about you and I can't really judge you as much as you can judge us, since you at least visited our country. And I even wrote in the question that I liked the States, so why would I want to offend you? Yes, these statements are somewhat true anyway, just like any other stereotypes about anything, the question is how far? If you read it carefully I didn't ask how true were the statements that all American are fat, stupid etc. I just asked how true they were. And yes I might be offended if you call all of us fat, lazy drunks, because it's obviously not. But I am not offended if you say that there's a majority of such people in Ukraine. Because just today I saw a bunch of these. And I would have to agree with you. If you wondering I can call myself either Ukrainian or Russian, both are true. And btw I actually meant United Kingdom not Ukraine with UK symbols. Meaning that people are unaware of real situation about fat people, when it's about the same.

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I definitely heard some from a Finn guy. And I just recalled one American said that in US there are a lot of people who are crazy about healthy lifestyle and going to gym, that is why they have some 24\7 gyms.

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    I am American. While some people are shallow (as are everywhere) and some people are stupid (hey aren't you at times?), I have never heard of that generalization before.

    I can, however, see the generalization of Americans being obese. We have an obese culture. While we are not all obese, of course, I would say that our country is getting fatter all the time. I am actually thin, but am looked at as "unhealthy" by some because I think the view of what a healthy weight really is has become distorted. Many people that look what most would consider "healthy" are actually medically overweight (different than obese.)

    Just my thoughts too.

    What statements are you talking about?

    And don't you think every country has fat, stupid and shallow people? :)

    Your question is a little offensive, so please be careful next time!


    .Are all Ukrainians lazy fat drunks? Think before you answer because I have been to Ukraine four times. How much time have you spent in the United States? Lol.

    Do you know what a stereotype is? Stereotypes are generalizations about a group of people whereby we attribute a defined set of characteristics to this group. There are lots of fat, lazy, drunk Ukrainians, but that doesn't mean all Ukrainians are this way.
    Many stereotypes come from movies and isolated instances that don't fully represent the people involved. Most stereotypes originate from misunderstanding cultural differences. Every culture has people of all kinds. This kind of question is offensive because it assumes that there is some truth to the statement. I would love to know where you got your statistics on obese people in Ukraine and United States but it is a mute point. Stereotypes evolve out of fear of persons from other groups and countries. I think that the major source of this thinking comes from Soviet era perceptions of Americans.
    To conclude, Srgause is correct that your statement is a little offensive, just in the same way as you probably found my statement about Ukrainians.
    Or you will probably say that it is OK because you are Russian anyway. LOL

    Themax, I know you are not being malicious when you ask that question, but you just have to be careful with generalizations because some people can take offense to them. (Especially in Internet forums where intentions can be misleading)

    I'm not sure where those stereotypes come from, but even Americans make fun of their "fat culture". Check this website out for an example:

    (Obviously that site is meant to be ridiculous and not how all Americans eat)

    I found this other webpage debunking French and American stereotypes that might be helpful:

    Sorry I can't help you more!

    This is what is called a generalisation with loaded meanings.
    No I don't think this description is true.

    I must admit that some people in Russia are used to thinking that Americans are fat and shallow, and I have no idea why. I think that a MAXIMUM OF MAYBE 1% of them have been in the USA or ever talked to an American. If this is true from what information are they able to say this about Americans? TheMax, probably only Russians and Ukranians think this way. I have never heard my friends from Italy, Spain, Australia, Germany or Great Britain say something bad about Americans. I think we should think about why we have this wrong opinion about the American nation. Do you have any idea? Do we envy them? Or think we are better than them or…
    And some words about the statement concerning vodka drinking in Russia. That is the same as saying that all Americans are fat and shallow. Let silly people say so if it makes their life better.

    There are really nice people in America and Russia and in every other country. I know some of them and wish everybody to get to know some of them too, so that this incorrect stereotype may disappear.


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