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Are spanish letters just possible with "ALT" codes?

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I mean the problem is that ñ is Alt Code="164" but if i do this, the 4 of the numpad let me go the the last pgae i was on and my whole text dissappears.

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    * Too exist another option that is buy a spanish key (for Windows).
    * If you don't have much money, just use "ALT" codes, anyway.

    ALT + 160 --> á
    ALT + 132 --> é
    ALT + 161 --> í
    ALT + 162 --> ó
    ALT + 163 --> ú

    í : 161
    ó: 162
    ú: 163
    ù : 151
    ò : 149
    ì : 141

    you're welcome =)

    Uforgot the ñ in spain it is in the keyboard

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