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Have you ever wanna have a foreigner as the half part of you?

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    welll..yes and that's why I'm here..:))

    u can make new friends by that..

    I guess's a good way to make friends.
    I love talking to foreigners. ^-^
    Take care. Zai jian for now.

    Sometimes I feel a bit foreign to myself. So I can't afford any more distance.

    D., who's quite disturbed now and whose parents sometimes call him an alien (from outer space).

    Manchmal fühle ich mich selbst etwas fremd. Deshalb kann ich es mir nicht leisten, mich noch weiter von mir zu entfernen.

    D., der jetzt ziemlich verwirrt ist und dessen Eltern ihn manchmal einen Außerirdischen nennen.


    Definitely. Here comes my candidacy from Nepal.

    I haven`t decided yet. I think that it is very difficult to have a foreign speaking husband. You should always look for the necessary words even when you are overflown with emotions

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