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Could you suggest me some English books?

I read some English books when I was in college,such as original Jane Eyre,and I found it's too hard to reading, most words in books I never seen before and I could not read it without dictionary. After that, I read simplified Pride and Prejudice,simplified White Snow Princess,simplified 1001 Nights and some Soul chicken soup and other readings.Now, I want to read some English books to improve my English, especially my oral English. If you have some good English books, please tell me, thank you in advanced.

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    Hi, you might be interested in the Chinese translations of English books by Ouyang Yu. He obtained his BA in English and American Literature at Wuhan University in China and his MA in Australian and English literature at East China Normal University in Shanghai. He moved to live in Australia in 1991. He has published 52 books of poetry. He has translated the following Australian books into Chinese: "The Female Eunuch","The man who loved children" and "Chinese in Australian Fiction." In 2009, 5 of his books were translated into Chinese.

    Ouyang Yu's latest novel written in English is called "The English class", a story of a 23 year old Chinese truck driver named Jing who passes the exam to go to university to study English and his aspiration to migrate to a western country. More information about the author on:
    . Rapidex. Saral English.Dictionary of Synonyms.. BY JK PURI

    ...but you've already done a lot of reading and that of course, is a good way in enriching your skill.

    truly, you don't really have to look for a good 'english' books to study with. for as long as your desire and enthusiasm are there, you will be able to progress. don't be bothered by the unfamiliar english words or phrases. it's part of the learning anyway.

    I would read classic novels and fiction (H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Jack London, etc.) when I started to love english...


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