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What is American food? Is it healthy? Explain.


No native speakers, please. Best Answer wins a free 30 minute lesson.We didn't finish with this question two months ago when I first asked, and got back only eleven answers. I ended the question too soon. I am reiterate the question.

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    Actually I think that the American food is that food which was found in America for a long time,or it is the food which is so popular in USA these days...
    In the Arab world, all people think that the American food is the fast meals such as:humburgar, hot dog,sandwiches, and so on, and the people always say that the Americans like eating the fast meals in the I agree so!
    About being healthy, I don't know really about that, but I think this type of food isn't so healthy because it doesn't contain some basic vetamins and diets! ( some doctors say that)


    You are reiterating the question?

    What is American food?
    American food is food from America.

    Is it healthy?
    Some is, some is not. Same as most other type of food.

    My favorite type of American food is churrasco.

    McDonald OR KFC?

    american food = fast food = not healthy ...

    i think, asian food its more healthy than american foods...

    bytheway, how are you , brian???

    what i heared about American food is : it includes some types of food that are not healthy for people such as eating chips, junk food,and drinking too much soda
    .This type of food isn't healthy because people who eat such this food become obese and this causes many disease.

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