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Help italki: 60 Characters to promote italki(Spanish needed. Other language versions also welcomed.)


Hi, all. We are trying to promote italki online. Can you help us figure out some ads?
1. Maximum 60 characters not including spaces.
2. Key content: learning a foreign language for free. or find language exchange partners quickly. Or other contents you think are helpful in promoting italki. Thank you for your help

For learning: Spanish
Base language: English
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    "Te esperamos en una plataforma gratuita para intercambio lingüístico"
    (we are waiting for you on a free language exchange portal)

    ingin belajar atau mengetahui bahasa asing secara percuma? jom join italki! (it's in malay)
    -wanna learn a foreign language for free? let's join italki!-

    Você quer conhecimento?Venha para este mundo de informações e amigos.
    (Do you want knowledge?Come to this world of information and friends.)
    "Learning languages in is easy and free"
    Do you want to learn any language and practice it with its native speakers FOR FREE. If so, join
    Language without frontiers : Italki

    Haz amigos en todo el mundo y aprende idiomas, mientras enseñas a hablar el tuyo...y gratis!
    Make friends around the world and learn languages, while teaching yours...for free!

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