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How to write an amount on invoice officially

Hi, if you write an amount on invoice officially with English words not numbers, for example, US$2,123,456.78? I usually write: Say total US Dollars 1 million one hundred twenty three thousand four hundred fifty six cents seventy eight only. It is correct or not?
How will American write it?

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    Agree with srgause. Here is how I would write it on a check (if only I had $2m to spend!!! ;) )

    Two million, one hundred and twenty-three thousand, four hundred and fifty-six and 78/100 US Dollars (or USD)
    or ... fifty-six dollars and 78 cents

    US Dollars Two million one hundred twenty-three thousand four hundred fifty-six and cents seventy-eight only

    An American would only put the dollar amount on an invoice (using numbers, not words). We write amounts in words on checks, but that is the only time.

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