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For learning: Chinese (Taiwanese)
Base language: Chinese (Taiwanese)
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    Because the great majority of the resources to learn chinese are in simplified characters, this is how we do our first steps into the chinese world.

    Some people may choose to learn traditional characters if they are interested in culture, history and stuff. But if they are learning chinese because of international business (which is the most part), then they propably won't be interested at all.

    Using pinyin is way easier for us ! Since it uses our alphabet, we just have to read ! And once more there is almost no resources for strangers using zhuyin.

    As for myself, my textbook at university is in simplified characters and I translated everything into traditionnal (and I hate when my friends call them "old" characters). But since I'm also learning a lot via taiwanese websites, it's ok. I can read zhuyin but I'm not using it because I have a french keyboard and it more convenient for me to use pinyin.

    I hope I have answered your question.
    And I hope there will be more educational resources in zhuyin in the future !


    有人是看報紙 然後一個字一個字 遇到生字就查字典:))
    真是難為他們了 哈哈=))

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