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How to say "Congratulation", "Good Luck", and "God bless you" in Hindi language?

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    congratulations- badhaiyaan

    heartiest congratulations- haardik badhaiyaan

    to congratulate- badhai dena

    for 'good luck' or 'all the best' we say

    All the best for ur success

    aapki saphalta ke liye shubhkaamnayein

    i would like to say that even if u say god bless u, everyone will understand

    god bless u
    it doesnt have an exact hindi translation
    but this can be said-
    bhagwaan aapko ashish dein
    bhagwaan aap par kripa banaye rakhen

    good luck- saubhagya

    it is the case when we say that it is 'our/your goodluck' more precisely if we talk abt someone's luck which is good

    hamaara/aapka SAUBHAGYA

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