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"at the end of the day" 中文怎么说? 谢谢!

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I'm sorry, I failed to mention that "at the end of the day" is used as a figure of speech. So, I'm not looking for the literal meaning. "At the end of the day" is used when we want to express the most important facts after taking into consideration everything else.

Example: We made a lot of sales calls over the past few weeks but only closed two. At the end of the day, we learned so much about the process and gained insight on our customers' needs; that's all that matters."

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    it means that 到了最后,考虑所有情况之后





    如果按照英文對應翻譯的話 就是“在一天結束的時候”,但是這樣說會很奇怪。
    所以一般我們在表達 "at the end of the day ” 的時候,會根據語言情境來表達




    通俗点说就是“天黑了”。文雅点说呢,可以说“夕阳西下近黄昏”;也可以在那个时候,说一句“美好的一天又过去了”来表达“at the end of the day”的含义

    in your example, you can say 最终 or 最后


    It's an expression for a formal situation just like speech.
    Literally it means "until today".

    “截止至今晚” = until tonight
    “截止至本月” = until the end of the month

    If you want to make more emotional you can say:
    直至今日(until today)

    we can translate the example into Chinese like this ,
    尽管在过去几周我们大量的销售热线只促成了两笔生意,但是至少我们从这个过程中我们学到很多,我们也了解到了客户的需求 这才是最重要的。
    my view is here "at the end of the day" is a Parenthesis

    in you example,"at the end of the day=最后"

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