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what does "good riddance" mean??

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well... i know what it means, but i want to know how and when people use this expression:)

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    I think sports teams are the best example. Say a player has been playing poorly all year, and gets let go from the team. People would say "good riddance" as the player wasn't adding value to the team.

    It could be anything though, not just people. I through away an old t-shirt with holes in it last night and my wife said "good riddance."

    To rid yourself of something means to throw something away/ remove something from your life.

    Good riddance can be used when something/someone has been irritating you for some time, and you finally get rid of it.

    Hi, the whole phrase is "Good riddance to bad rubbish"
    People sometimes say it about a person they hate who has been making trouble for them. It used to be popular with primary school kids who would say it say to someone they didn't like to exclude them from their friendship group.

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