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Do you use"PS,PSS,PSSS..." or "PS,PPS,PPPS..." ? Which is right?

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    You would first write "PS". If you add additional information after a PS, then you write "PPS". I wouldn't have anything after that- PPPS is too much. (PPS is almost too much also!)


    This is the end of my letter.

    PS. Here is my PS message
    PPS. Here is my PPS message

    srgause is correct it's PS, PPS...PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS. ;)
    In my experience, any current use of PPS, PPPS, etc. is usually made in a casual, humorous way, and that's how it should be taken, as well.

    Why add extra Ps and not Ss? Because P.S. stands for "post-script" or "post scriptum" (Latin), meaning "after the script", so the extra "P" in P.P.S. means "AFTER the after-script".

    Hey Emily, ^^
    I think if you have two notes; it's better to make 'em :
    P.S. (what you want to say1)
    P.P.S. (what you want to say2)

    If your notes are more than two; you can choose N.B. (NB is "Not Bad or Nota Bene (Latin for please note) - ) or - what I do - Use it this way:
    P.S.1 (what you want to say1)
    P.S.2 (what you want to say2)
    P.S.7 .. etc

    Keep it up,
    Al Salam (gd bye in arabic) , ^^

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