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thaithaithaithai~ past and future tense?

How do you make things past tense and future tense in thai?
also feel free to add random stuff i should know about thai >o<

please write answers in thai, english writing and provide english translations please :)

Additional Details:

Okay then how do you say "did" and "will" in Thai?
I WILL go to the store.
I DID go to the store.

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    for past tense, you can simply add "laew" at the end of the sentence
    i've been there, i went there = chan pai tee naan laew
    chan = i
    pai = went, have been
    tee naan = there
    laew = already

    he was dead, he died = Kao tai laew
    Kao = he
    died = tai
    laew = already

    for future tense, u just add "Ja" after the subject
    i'll go there, i'm going there = chan ja pai tee naan
    chan = i
    ja = will
    pai = go
    tee naan = there
    I'll call him, i'm going to call him = Chan ja toe ha kao
    chan = i
    ja = will
    toe ha = call
    kao = him

    for example ;)


    In Thai language, we have no different between past and future tenses.
    just like Chinese language have no past and future tense.
    but we can put some words into sentences to make the time obvious, such as
    1) เมื่อก่อน (in past)
    2) จะ (will, plan)
    3) เมื่อวาน (yesterday
    4) พรุ่งนี้ (tomorrow)

    Moreover, we may add some suffix to specify the situation.

    - แล้ว (already did something): ฉันกินข้าวเช้าแล้ว = I had breakfast already.

    Otherwise we usually use
    - เคย as a word used to: ฉันเคยทำงานที่นั่นมาก่อน = I used to work there.

    For me, I have no idea about the future tense rather than the guy above said. May be just will and tomorrow.

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