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eye-sighted = eye-sightedness ??

short-sightedness = short-sighted ??
long-sightedness = long-sighted ??
i have heared the different expressions.
which one is correct ?? or all those are right ??
thank you~

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    Instead of "long-sighted" we ususally say "farsighted", and instead of "short-sighed" you can say "nearsighted".

    The words "short-sighted" and "farsighted" are adjetives that describe a person.

    Ex: I am farsighted, but my friend, Liana, is "short-sighted".

    The words "short-sightedness" and "long-sightedness" are nouns, which describe a condition.

    I suffer from short-sightedness, and my friend, Liana, suffers from long-sightedness.

    Mr Wright is right.
    His answer is perfect and complete.

    Let me add one more example:
    I am nearsighted (adjective describing the condition of my vision (ability to see))
    My nearsightness (noun - the problem with my vision) problem requires me to wear glasses to see far away.

    The interesting thing about the adjective "nearsighted" means that I can see well up close, but I can not see things well if they are far away.

    Hi Liana,

    Both your expressions are correct, Here in Canada and the USA we commonly use:



    Hope this helps?

    short-sightedness = short-sighted.
    long-sightedness = long-sighted.

    Both of them are correct expressions that refer to certain medical conditions related to poor vision (eye sight). However there's nothing called 'eye-sighted' or 'eye-sightedness'.

    Check the following link for details:

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