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How many traffic accidents happen everyday in China ?why?

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    In 2009, a total of 238,000 traffic accidents happened in China PR. 67,759 people died, 275,125 people injured.

    That is to say, about 652 traffic accidents happened everyday in China PR in 2009.

    According to the news, we can know that Drunk driving, Sleep deprived driving and overspeed driving are not main facts of traffic accidents any longer but bad weather, motorcycle accidents and long distance buses.

    Hope my answer helps.

    I don't really know how many traffic accidents can happen in per day.I think it's because many accidents frequently happened in China.So it becomes a very common thing.Then we will never treat those ordinary traffic accidents like really accidents.Unless many people died or damaged something important.

    most of us have no idea about the number and we don;t like to count it,but no doubt that china is the country where happen most. we can find it. first,with the largest population,too many people like to live and work in city that city's population has far beyond it can contain,so In the street are lots of cars running and people walking.and china is in pursuit of high GDP growth.everything is running fast, enclude driving.and people wanna get the rich life or richer life sooner,so they do things faster enclude driving. and drunk driving is common in china.and most chinese wine are spirit,and drivers don;t care about driving after drinking. and another big problem is corruption,money deal with everything,people want to get their car license soon,just pay for the license and get rid of the strict training.also most driving school focus on making money not training,just make people to buy it or bribe them to pass and get it.then comes up lots of killer driver.all this are pities

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