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wich is easier to learn, french or japanese language? i'm an arabic speaker

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    Maybe french, but i'm not sure

    Hi, just try both here at Italki and then see which one you like.

    It depends on your native language. It's true that oriental people learns easyer european languages, than a european oriental languages.
    But I think you will find french easier tahn japanese.

    Hey, if you speak english then French whould be much easier
    Maybe French easier, but it's depend on you..

    I do speak French and I learn Japanese. English vocabulary is 60% French, so you can imagine how easy would it be to learn French (The same alphabet, similar: grammatical forms, sounds, etc.). Japanese has brand new concepts from its scripts (Hiragana, katakana and Kanji) to its grammatical structures that aren't compatible with Arabic or English.
    You can learn both of them and the only difference: you'll learn french faster

    Good luck

    For sure both are more easy to speak than to write.

    I have been talked japanese is quite easy to speak and have less number of sounds than french.

    But there are more french speakers in the world and in more places than japanese speakers. There are countries where arabic and french are both official languages - there are also french speaking countries where a lot of muslims speak arabic and french - I do not think there are many islamic people in Japan.

    Hello Hajer,

    As a native Arabic speaker who speaks English ( obviously you do) ,it will be easier for you to learn French, because the alphabet and pronunciation ( writing and reading systems) are similar to the English language.

    Moi et mon fils apprenons le français et japonais.Je peux dire que le japonais est plus facil... pour nous
    I learn Japanese and French. And Japanese be easier for me (I am sorry, but I know English bad)

    Pardon. J'oublie: je parle russe

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