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Help me with my poor oral English,Please!!!

I'm a 23 year old Chinese boy,I've been studying English for over 3 years.but my oral English is still terrible,my vocabulary is not enough.
I need a native english speaker who could help me.
Please add jeremylee on skype.
Thank u very very much!

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    Your oral English is great!!! We had a chat, and youre awesome! But you know you can always chat with me!! :))



    Hello Jeremy,

    Here are also some tips for you to practice and improve your spoken (oral )English.

    Observe the mouth movements of those who speak English well and try to imitate them.
    When you are watching television, observe the mouth movements of the speakers. Repeat what they are saying, while imitating the intonation and rhythm of their speech.

    * Until you learn the correct intonation and rhythm of English, slow your speech down.
    If you speak too quickly, and with the wrong intonation and rhythm, native speakers will have a hard time understanding you.
    Don't worry about your listener getting impatient with your slow speech -- it is more important that everything you say be understood.

    * Listen to the 'music' of English.
    Do not use the 'music' of your native language when you speak English. Each language has its own way of 'singing'.

    * Use the dictionary.
    Try and familiarize yourself with the phonetic symbols of your dictionary. Look up the correct pronunciation of words that are hard for you to say.

    Make a list of frequently used words that you find difficult to pronounce and ask someone who speaks the language well to pronounce them for you. the person could be a teacher, a chatting pal, a real native speaking friend.
    Record these words, listen to them and practice saying them. Listen and read at the same time.
    * Buy books on tape.
    Record yourself reading some sections of the book. Compare the sound of your English with that of the person reading the book on the tape.

    * Pronounce the ending of each word.
    Pay special attention to 'ED' and 'S' endings. This will help you strengthen the mouth muscles that you use when you speak English.

    * Read aloud in English for 15-20 minutes every day.
    Research has shown it takes about three months of daily practice to develop strong mouth muscles for speaking a new language.

    * Record your own voice and listen for pronunciation mistakes.
    Many people hate to hear the sound of their voice and avoid listening to themselves speak. However, this is a very important exercise because doing it will help you become conscious of the mistakes you are making.

    * Be patient.
    You can change the way you speak but it won't happen overnight. People often expect instant results and give up too soon. You can change the way you sound if you are willing to put some effort into it.

    The following are some book references to help you improve your oral English:

    - Spoken English by R K Bansal and J B Harrison
    - Pronounce It Perfectly In English by Jean Yates, Barrons Eductional
    - English Pronunciation For International Students by Paulett Wainless
    Dale, Lillian Poms.

    Inability to resolve the cross-translation problem by most adult learners acts as the main barrier in acquiring fluency in English; it is impossible to speak fluently by translating from one’s native language. To overcome subconscious cross-translation you should use simultaneous repetition instead of consecutive one. Check the Language Bridge method ( to find more details.

    Hi. These sites will help you learn English. You can learn English using Chinese at Italki. go to:

    Here are the Italki English/ Chinese speakers. Email some of them and invite them to be your friend or language partner. Set up a time to chat on skype. Remember the time differences between countries, If there is a green light next to a person's name, it means that they are on line. Good luck! Click on here: is recommended by other Italki members

    Italki member Courtney recommends this voice chat study group for learning English


    Also for Chinese speakers learning English have a look at Quick Speaker

    还在为去国外旅游无法独自开口表达而烦恼吗? 有了 QuickSpeaker 这一切将变得轻松简单!

    QuickSpeaker 根据在外国旅游或生活中常遇到的不同场景,分为20大类,超过3000条日常用句,每条句子都包含专业的翻译及纯正的英语发音,通过您的手机,让您真正做到随用随学,沟通随时随地 !

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