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I find Q&A the feature giving 75% benefit from all other features here. Any thoughts?

You can also correct me with the construction and words I used to build this question :P

Additional Details:

I mean a person here gets 75% of all benefit he could on this site, from this feature. So other features are not that useful. only like 25%. I don't know if it's clear now.

Additional Details:

This feature gives 75%, other - 25%. That is what I meant.

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    I was also confused, I couldn't tell if the 75% is a positive thing or not.

    Postive: "I find the Q&A feature gives 75% more benefit than all other features here."

    Negative: "I find the Q&A feature gives only 75% benefit compared to all other features here." (ie. other features give 100% benefit - the keyword is "only").

    I think you get a great benefit here because people are asking for something specific, but it couldn't replace the other sections, especially Groups and Notebook.


    What do you mean?

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