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What is the new "follow" feature?

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Look, you can still ADD friends and follow new people. So what is the difference? Is it that you get all news like you get from any of your friends(blackboard messages, new Q&A, notebooks etc)?

I think if you send a friend request and it gets accepted you automatically become followers of each other.

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    Maybe it is for the silent followers,who do share your thoughts, but won't express themselves by answering your question. It is my wild guess.


    I just saw it now. Feels like Twitter? :P

    Oh, no! It's becoming like Twitter. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    Weird, i guess, you follow actualities of the person

    No. I was under an illusion.Now, all friends are gone and instead did grow a bunch of followers! Suffice to say, that in my mind the word "followers" often associates with "disciples".Very weird and strange.

    we must wait for the future, and so we will know what's next for the following

    Yeah, I saw it too. BTW, What is that for?

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