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for korean speakers..what's your favourite quotation??write it for me^^

what's your favourite quotation write in korean...^^
i like 별은 바라보는 자에게 빛을 준다

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    More bitter the taste of a medicine, the better it is for the body.

    Beautiful woman is a late riser. Do you know its mean? just kidding

    행운은 하늘에서 떨어지는 것이 아니라, 발뒤꿈치에서 솟아오르는 것이다.

    은혜를 원수로 갚지 말자.

    한 것 이상의 결과는 기대하지 말자.

    Can you understand?

    I have some quotes from Korean poetry.

    사람과 사람 사이에 섬이 있다 / 그 섬에 가고 싶다
    - This is actually the whole content of '섬' by 김현종.
    It means: there is an island between people / I want to get there.

    너는 누구에게 한 번이라도 뜨거운 사람이었느냐. - '너에게 묻는다' by 안도현.
    This poem is also short, look it up sometime. :-)
    If you want to know what it means, just let me know.

    행복은 내 자신 내부에 숨어있다. happiness is hidden inside of myself.
    actually this sentence,I made it up for myself.

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