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how to use ang and explain

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    both odette and Peachey are correct...

    basically, "ang" is the equivalent of english definite article "the" which may come before a noun and an adjective.

    "ang libro" (the book)
    "ang malakas na hangin" (the strong wind).

    about odette's example:

    "ang aking inaalala - what i am worried about"

    this is absolutely correct although, the real translation would go like this:

    "ang aking inaalala - THE thing I'm worried about"



    May I add? :)

    I understand when "ang" also comes before an adjective, it roughly means "so...!"

    Ang baho! - How stinky!
    Ang matamis ka! - You're so sweet!
    Ang galing ko! - I'm so good!

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