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Why does Chinese pop culture lack comedians?

It seems obvious to me that popular Chinese culture and American culture have a huge difference when it comes to humor. Here is a simple test that I have performed and have always had the same result. Take 4 people from different provinces in China. Ask them the following question, "Can you name a single popular mainland comedian, under the age of 40, besides Guo de gang?" I have you yet to have them be able to find one they all know. Ask the same question to 4 Americans from different states, and I bet the list would be at least 5 if not 10 or 20 names? Is it because of fear of government intervention that young people are afraid to be funny? Is it too much time spent studying characters? Is it because the parents breed it out of the children because it is not acceptable? Any thoughts?

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    I think politics is the biggest reason.


    this on Danwei dates back three years, but I doubt you'll find any better explanation. For those of you interested in ancient history.

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