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What do you think of plastic surgery? Will you try it?

Plastic surgery is freaking popular these days. So if you are introduced to a famous plastic surgery doctor,do you have the nerve to try it?

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    I'm not in favor for plastic surgery.... A lot of celebrities go through it just to improve their looks. (Face lift, breast implants, fat removal, and double eyelid surgery).

    The only thing that I would think of is laser eye surgery, if there's failure during the operation then that would be risky. I would chicken out if I'm about to go through with it.

    I know this one is popular, esp among east asians ( for the face)
    and i agree with Mabaet, lot of stars go through it.
    and i don't know why plastic surgery there got 'not too high' price and I bet many people dare to try it.
    But me myself, I am afraid to do it. lol . I like myself and what God had given to me :)

    I am not sure I will try it or not if I had the money to afford it.

    Plastic surgery is for people who don't feel secure or are not satisfied with their looks. It is their personal choice. It would not be appropriate to say that plastic surgery is 'wrong'. Don't we all apply make-up and try to look good by wearing our best clothes etc? Those who don't undergo plastic surgery are also trying to be someone else when they put on make-up etc.

    i will not try it. but i also will not prevent other people to choose it.

    no i wont i am what i am!


    I think why not, if someone feel weakly becouse has wry nose, and he/she are sure that he/she wont to do it. I don't see problem. If the plastic surgery give the person more confidence. I'm not stand by chage your whole appearance. Nobody're ideal so we shouldn't try to be ideal, we should try to be yourself and be happy with it ;)

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