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The correct use of nie....nie in sentences?

For example, i can't tell her or i can't say.....,where to put the first nie?
and also what if that happens in clauses?

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    Hi Frederik,

    I must warn you I am not a language teacher at all. It has been a lot of years since I was in school, one tend to forget all the different rules and names of sentences and the parts thereof. Since it is my native language, it just comes as second nature and I almost never think of what the different parts of sentences are.
    So I will try and explain in my own words.

    When you use "nie" in a clause, it normally goes in front of and again at the end of a predicate. (Again I will have have to make sure of this myself)

    Voorbeeld: I am not able to pick you up now - Ek is NIE instaat om jou nou op te tel NIE
    Sometimes it doesn't go in front but only at the end
    Voorbeeld: It is hot, although the sun isn't shining - Dit is warm, al skyn die son NIE

    In your original question it will go like this:

    I cant tell her - Ek kan haar NIE vertel NIE
    I cant say - Ek kan NIE sê NIE

    I will just go and get my facts straight. So hang in there. I'm sure we'll be able to clear this up for you!

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