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Yiddish vs Hebrew

Which one is more practical to learn? I only remember Yiddish from a television show - "The Nanny", lol. (they didn't speak it, but they would say words and call it Yiddish). But afterwards I have not heard of it. Is it more of an Ancient language and would Hebrew be better to learn if I wish to communicate with the Jews of Israel or the general Middle East?

For learning: Yiddish
Base language: English
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    If you want to hear yiddish go to New York. In Europe is an almost extincted language - maybe a pair of scholars and studious people and another pair of fools for antiquities. I asked for yiddish in some old jewish quarters in easten europe and always the same response: "my grandparents used to speak it". In Israel maybe a couple of old people still speak it (and at university they study it). Elias Canetti, nobel prize wrotte some works in this language. In the middle east, outside Israel you may find some people speaking aramaic, Siria, Iraq, if survived, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, but rapidly getting lost. In Detroit area i know is the biggest concentration of native speakers of aramaic (called syrian, sometimes, and other local names i dont know). An american writter i got to know not far ago (i mean his books) has some books where yiddish words are mixed with english. Michael Chabon, and his novel, for instance "the yiddish policemen's union" is a good example and gives information about yiddish cultural activities in USA, in an annex in the book. (at least my edition, english original). If you want to go Israel, you better learn hebrew, russian and spanish. Russian for the casual "bussiness" and spanish cause for me is funny to see what a good spanish speak a lot of officials of the israelian army (Tv interviews) The army is full of argentinian and chilean jewish. p.s. I am not jewish, never been to israel or USA, but this language attracted my interest some time ago. New york english seems to be full of jewish words, specially in some boroughs for what i read. I even have a dictionary of it edited there.

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