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Beginner Korean textbooks / grammar books / etc.: Any suggestions?

I use Rosetta Stone, two dictionaries, and free online sources.
What would you suggest I use to help me learn Korean?
I can't take a class because my college doesn't offer Korean as a language class. I've searched for books but I can never figure out what is best.
I'm hoping to find some books at my college library, or order some from other libraries. So... Anything you can tell me is helpful. : ) 감사합니다.

For learning: Korean
Base language: English
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    I'm using and enjoying this book Suitably thorough and aimed at adults.

    For a non-free online source I'm a big fan of They do seasons (beginners season 1, 2, 3 etc, intermediate seasos, podcasts) which if you follow chronologically gives you a a lot of great grammar points. This is delivered via one pdf and one audio file per lesson. The pdf has a transcription of the dialogue plus details on that lesson's grammar point. The dialogue is great because it's colloquial, everyday Korean, and not slow, classroom Korean (or slow Rosetta Stone audio). You can try it out for free for one week to see if it's interesting.

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