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Excuse me~Who can tell me how to improve my English grammar?I find it's so hard to do it.

I love English.I enjoy to speaking English.But I do not like to wrrite.I can't remember the grammar rules.I try to read more about it.But it's really hard for me to do that.

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    In my experience, it's best to approach grammar like a native speaker does. Just use the language as often as possible, this includes reading different kinds of things. After the language (both written and spoken) begins to feel somewhat natural to you, go back and being learning the 'rules', and reading about grammar. Good luck!


    To improve English grammar, you should study books and do some practice, that's it.

    I hate english grammar too,haha.but I think we can reading some grammar books and remember the rules,then using the grammar rules when you talk to somebody or writing etc.,you can do it.don't give up!

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