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Why is "꿈을 꾸", "춤을 추" and "잠을 자" written like this?

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Why am I getting answers that has NOTHING to do with my question? XD
I want to know why they're WRITTEN OUT LIKE THAT, with a object and a verb T_T

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    I think you've found a pattern of these verbs.
    one of your sentences reminded me of the song "i dreamed a dream", which Susan boyle sang in British Got talent show.

    I am not sure what are these patterns called in grammar, but
    some nouns can come from verbs like "꿈","춤","잠" etc.

    here are more examples,
    숨을 쉬다. take a breath or breathe
    걸음을 걷다. take a walk or walk
    삶을 살다 live the life or live

    some of these expressions can make sense without object marker "을/를" like,
    꿈 꾸다, 숨 쉬다, 잠 자다 etc.

    동사 ┼ ㅇ \ 음 → 명사


    웃다 >> 웃음
    꾸다 >> 꿈

    명사 = noun

    동사 =verb

    verb음 or verbㅁ = 명사


    꾸 ㅁ = 꿈
    추 ㅁ = 춤
    자 ㅁ = 잠

    이러면 이해할 수가 있나요?

    꿈을 꿔 / 춤을 춰 / 잠을 자

    this is more like below.

    ㄱ - 기윽
    ㄴ - 니은
    ㄷ - 디귿
    ㄹ - 리을

    Your question wasn't that clear, I also didn't get what you were asking about. XD

    It's like saying "Dream a dream" or "Dance a tango". As for "잠을 자다", I cannot think of anything like this in English. You should just accept this one, the reason it works like that will dawn on you one day like things in English did on me as well.

    ㄱ - 기역

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