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what is "nose out of joint" ?

" We were only joking; don't get your nose out of joint."

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    It means to get offended or bothered by something.

    Another common idiom in AmEng is "get bent out of shape".

    "Don't get all bent out of shape."

    Your "nose is out of joint" when the look on your face and the way you act shows other people that you are upset. Example: "What's wrong with him?" Answer: "His nose is out of joint because we forgot to invite him to the party." Although a nose cannot actually be "out of joint", the way a finger or an arm comes out of joint, a person who is upset may have a strange look on their face until they recover. Example: "What happened was an accident; there is no reason for you to have your nose out of joint." Another example: "We were only joking; don't get your nose out of joint."(

    put someone's nose out of joint
    Fig. to make someone resentful. What's wrong with Jill? What put her nose out of joint? Don't put your nose out of joint. I didn't mean anything by what I said.
    to upset or annoy someone Martin refused to let her chair the meeting which rather put her nose out of joint.

    Be upset or irritated, especially when displaced by someone. For example, Ever since Sheila got promoted he's had his nose out of joint. Similarly, put one's nose out of joint indicates the cause of the upset, as in The boss's praise of her assistant put Jean's nose out of joint. The earliest form of this idiom, first recorded in 1581, was thrust one's nose out of joint, with put appearing shortly thereafter. Presumably all these expressions allude to the face-distorting grimace made by one who is displeased.(

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