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I want to know whether English Grammar is really important ?

Everyday Chinese students spent a lot of time in English Grammar and answer a lot of multiple-choice questions. It's useful for us?

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I have sdutied Chinese for long time, but I still don't know what Chinese Grammar is it.

For learning: English
Base language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Category: Language


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    Grammar is important for learning any language. This site will help you

    English I whether want ? to important know Grammar is really

    What do you think? Is Grammar important or not?

    I hope you caught the idea. :)

    What is the point of learning English if grammar not really important?

    If you want to speak eloquently then grammar is very important. But people will be able to understand you even with incorrect grammar.


    It sounds like you don't like the lessons. ;)

    Sorry to say, grammar is vital to any language: see Sonia's example! But I guess you're missing the practical use and wondering why you need so much theory.

    You can survive using only rough grammar and basic words, but that's all you'll do: survive. Being skilled at language will help you progress.

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