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Apa perbedaan di antara "Kisah dan Cerita"?

Kepada saudara-saudara yang terhormat, bolehkah jelaskan kepadaku apa perbedaan di antara dua kata yang tersebut. Terima kasih banyak.

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    Hello Rudy

    saya akan mencoba menjawab pertanyaan Anda.

    "kisah" and "cerita" as nouns are a bit different :

    *cerita = story,telling about anything that happened (no specification,could be anything)
    *kisah = story about someone's life, anything that happened to the person

    kisah has more specific meaning, as you can see.. I think, you can say that kisah = story, or a hyponymy of "cerita" (not sure about this, this is my opinion) .. but story doesn't have the same meaning as kisah

    while, mengisahkan/berkisah dan menceritakan/bercerita have same meaning : to tell a story/about something happened/occurred

    hope it helps :)

    (I suggest you to find another sources,not really sure with my answer, I'm sorry)

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