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A lot of Turkish guys want to be friend & it isn't because of the languages. what do you think?

every day when I come here, I see a lot of Turkish guys, who what to be friends with me and who doesn't learn's already like a special kind of mania...%)))))

What do you think about it?)))

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maybe it's just a coincidence. I'm not against Turkish. and I guess that there are good guys in Turkey. But in my case only Turkish do like that. I just said a fact.=)

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tekin Online
hi sexy lady... add me ?n msn or ?n skype gunesgunes290 .... ? hope that we can to be real fr?ends... kiss you bye

How should I react on this????

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    I am a Turkish man, too.
    Please contact with my friends and get their ideas.
    And write here what you heard from them
    They are horny and cocky I think. I would be scared too.
    Recently I've started be afraid too. If you have a crazy or fearful picture in you profile they'll be afraid you.)

    I totally agree. They are there not to learn languages, like hungry wolfs. From this time I don't accept their friendship. Don't they have girls in Turkey?

    i'm sorry but i'm dreadfully against all these insult 'n generalising all Turkish people as callin' bad names!
    Every single man ,no matter what nationality is, addin' girls for reasons.Why is absolutely Turkey again, i cannot understand that?
    You cannot condemn just Turkey about it.
    And you cannot know relationships between girls&boys if u've never been here!

    It's not just Turkish guys who are like that, there are many nationalities here who add girls for reasons other than to learn a language.
    I have many great friends who are Turkish guys so please do not stereotype everyone just because they are Turkish.

    Hi, guys from all over the world like to add girls as friends, but if they act inappropriately towards you, whatever their nationality, notify the Italki team or block them.
    I am not against to russian people,too. but I wanna ask you that why the most of russian girls come and work in Turkey as Bitch even they are doctor,teacher in Russia?? If the Turkish men do just like you say, why do you interest with Turkish men ,especially?? why do they say that they are in hard position cause of Russian economy that's why they have to get married with Turkish men? ???????????? If anyone dont belive me,, come and see them in here, especially in istanbul..They are doing everything to stay in Turkey .. They are begging the Turkish men for marriage!!! now tell me who is doing these acts that you told?? Turkish men or Russian Girls??!!!

    Is it a big problem to ignore these friends requests and to block the most annoying persons?

    Writing such questions is like standing on the street and scream: "People, Turkish guys are crazy about me. It seems to me they all want to sleep with me. How should I react on this? Am I supposed to say "no"? Let's vote! I need your opinion"

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