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What has changed Your life the most (language, person, film, friend, book, trip etc.)?

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    Good education.
    Reason of changing life may be the person but i think it is actually happens due to your goodluck and by the grace of God!!

    books and movies

    The former Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus changed my life . He was my father's high school friend and I had a chance to have a private audience with him when I went to teach English in Lithuania. Adamkus was a humble man and his greatest concern was for his country and people. He wanted to know how my father and family were in Australia, just like a lifelong friend.

    E-is the mother of wisdom!
    i know everything happened to me has changed my life and led me to the life what i want.


    Trip and person..,
    why? because u will found different culture, different people and different habit..
    Learn a lots new things and will make ur life so complex and wonderful..

    Language, because it's involved in everything you have mentioned.

    Actually I think ,the Environment ,the things around me changed me a lot ,It is not a specific thing ,but a abstract thing actually.the environment you live ,the environment you grow ,the environment you work...
    People, who did badly me(
    Also, of course, books (of Remark) and change our views very much, in my opinion..!

    language,books and of course scientific writing:))

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