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How do you say random in spanish

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    As they said, "aleatorio", or I usually say "al azar".
    For example, if I say "agarre una moneda al azar" means "I grabbed a random coin", sounds more natural than saying "agarre una moneda aleatoria", which sounds more like a textbook sentence than an everyday life sentence.



    Depends on the context

    As miguel said, "al azar" it's most commonly used...'aleatorio' cuould be more like the 'shuffle' of an ipod.

    hecho al azar



    at random: al azar.

    The word 'random' is also used for technology purposes. Like, random access memory, which means 'memoria RAM'.

    We also use 'random' as a synomym for nonsenses...
    In my country (Argentina) 'random' is commonly used to say 'cualquiera'. It means you are saying nonsenses.

    Check this link.

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