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How do you say in Hindi... I will come back

I will come back in 10 minutes / give me 10 minutes
It's difficult

What does this mean...
Kal kitne baje aongi sade
Mai sade dus baje aongi
Kya cost iske - what does iske actually mean
Deya salaie pura lo - give me matches (I heard this in India... is it correct)

And... how do you pronounce ismay, ie inside this

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    I will come back in 10
    minutes /
    main dus min me aaungi/main 10 minute me (waapas) aati hoon.
    give me 10
    10 minute..


    It's difficult
    ye mushkil hai.

    What does this mean...
    Iska kya matlab hai

    Kal kitne baje aongi
    when will(to be precise- at what time) i come tommorrow

    kal kitne baje aaogi?
    (To f) -at what time will u come tommorow.

    Main saade dus baje aaongi
    i will come at 10.30
    (saade means half it can be used before any number except 1 n 2
    saade nau will be 9.30, saade 3 3.30)

    mujhe maachis do- give me matches

    Kya cost hai iska- what does it cost

    iske actually mean- of them/of it

    iska - of it
    iske used similarly as mere

    And... how do you
    pronounce ismay, ie
    inside this

    is- 'not like iz' but is only
    mein- like may with half nasal sound like in hain

    saade - d is not regular u need to listen it from somewhere as there is no equivalent sound in english.

    1.) main das minute me vapas aauenge/muje 10 minute ka samay do.

    2)"Kal kitne baje aongi",for this you can say "At what time you will come tommorow?"

    3)i will come at half past ten.(here saade means half).

    4)iske means " it". Take your example 'Kya cost iske' means what does it cost.

    "Deya salaie pura lo" does not actually mean give me match,it's not correct.
    but in hindi we say like "muje salaie do"(give me matches)

    okay lastly, ismay is pronounce like ( e or ie-sh-may)

    thank you.

    have a nice day...

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