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what is the difference in meaning of the words Tio and Titio? Do any of these words have some extra meaning?

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    "Titio" is for "Tio" (uncle) what "Daddy" is for "Dad"

    Both words have the same meaning, why in Brazil we use some words to say in a more casual, such as mãe and mamãe, pai and papai, tio and titio, vó and vovó, vô and vovô, tia and titia. (titio-titia-papai-vovó) is a more affectionate to call these beings, usually children use very

    well the difference is: for examplo in the united kingdom the children call their mother not as mother but they call by mummy or mammy it is the same in the united states
    as this expression it is the same if you call your ancle as tio or titio because titio is the same if you would say my dear ancle or dear ancle that means in my language titio
    well i hope it help you
    i see you!!!!!

    tio is more formal and titio is more cute, but they have same meanning

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