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Why did Leonardo Dicaprio have to die in Titanic?!

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    There's an insignificant, small, trivial and not important at all part of every movie called "the script" . If it says you have to die, no matter what you say or what you want to do, you will have to. If we could choose what will happen, I would probably have saved the whole ship... (and there would be no movie at all ^^) so, yes... Leo had to die because the script said so !!! =p


    Poor people die. First-class people (Rose) survive. is history

    to make people cry...

    to make the story more romantic and sad
    also to make you sympathize more with the two heros

    That's the highlight of this movie, sincere love is cherished and is memorable.

    to delineate what really "love" is..

    I think I am the only one who didn't like the film. Too long and obvious.
    Now, why did Leonardo Di Caprio have to die in Titanic? It doesn't have to be with 'Classes nor History', but with touch the spectators feelings and pockets. ^^
    I bet the real Kate and Jack weren't so cute and lovely like the ones Kate and Leonardo played. :P

    Sveikas Vilmantai. The director of the Titanic wove fact with fiction in his movie and so Di Caprio's character had to die. There really was a Jack Dawson on board the Titanic who survived and was buried in Nova Scotia. Crowds of people went to visit his gravesite after they saw the movie, because they thought he was based on the character, but it was just a coincidence.
    In the film, the Captain was real, the old couple who stayed in bed together while the boat sank were real, and Molly Brown (played by Kathy Bates) was real. Her nickname was "the unsinkable" Molly Brown, because she helped so many women and children get off the boat when the men were trying to push them aside and save themselves!

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