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What does "Sorry for being dense." mean?

Hello all!

The expression "Sorry for being dense." has the same meaning as "Sorry for being stupid." or "Sorry for my ignorance."?
Can I use it in a formal conversation?

One more question :
What the difference among :
- Sorry for being dense.
- Sorry to be dense.
- Sorry to seem dense.
Could you please give some examples?

Thanks for helping me. :)

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    Yes, you can use it.
    Its meaning is THICKHEADED, slow to understand, or stupid.

    I can't believe she cheated on him and didn't tell him for a whole month, she thought everything would be okay, shes sooo dense.
    Sorry to seem dense, but are there really Martians?
    Sorry for being dense, but what is a conehead?

    - Sorry for being dense.
    - Sorry to be dense.
    - Sorry to seem dense.

    All of the above have basically the same meaning.
    When the adjective "dense" is followed by a linking verb (to seem or to be, etc.) it expresses a state but no action.

    dense means stupid.
    he's so dense, i have to tell him everything twice.


    Definition: slow, stupid

    Synonyms: blockheaded, boorish, doltish, dull, dumb, fatheaded, ignorant, imbecilic, impassive, lethargic, numskulled, oafish, obtuse, phlegmatic, simple, slow-witted, sluggish, stolid, thick, torpid

    Antonyms: brainy, clever, intelligent, smart

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